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Ultimate Bundle Deal

Ultimate Bundle Deal

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Black Owned | Family Operated | All Hair Types
What is a durag used for?

💎Durags are used to lay your hair, prevent damage to your hair while sleeping, and can be worn for style.

💎Normally durags are worn by wavers but all hairstyles can benefit from rocking a durag. Such as someone with curls, long hair, or cornrows.

💎Not only do we provide amazing Quality durags our custom designs will set you apart

from the average durag wearers. So, if you’re tired looking like everyone else, Get you some better durags from the #1 durag company



✅ PREMIUM QUALITY - MAKE HEADS TURN. We only use high quality silky satin materials providing the most luxurious feel while locking in the moisture needed to maintain your hairstyle.


✅ ONE SIZE FITS ALL - breathable material with a secure snug fit. So, there’s no need to worry about it sliding off during the night.


✅ PERFECT COMPRESSION - for laying down hair whilst locking in moisture. This allows you to maintain and enhance your wave patterns.


✅ OUTSIDE SEAM – All seams are on the outside leaving no lines left down the middle of your hair.


✅ LONG & WIDE TAILS – 40 inch straps Our tails are long enough to be double wrapped around your head so that you can style to your own preference. The wider tails eliminate forehead lines whilst adding that extra comfort.


✅ UNISEX – Can be worn by both men and women! made with silky satin perfect for laying your hair down.

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