(Vapor of a Memory part 3)



The overflowing thoughts of you

I keep jumping from one dream to another 

In the hopes of finding when time was all so sweet

 sleep deep, breathe-exhale 

Things aren’t looking so well without you

Asthma, I must catch my breath

Anxiety attack, each time I wake up 

To find out you not by my side 

One reason I hate the mornings 

Love, through my dark mind I search to find it

My broken heart, I am blinded 

Even though my memories of you

Are lost in the darkness behind my eyelids 

It seems like sleep is the only thing I know how to do

Morning light hitting my window 

Eyes getting enlightened-bright light 

7:00 alarm going off, it’s time to go back to reality

snooze, going back to sleep 

Without you there’s no point of living 

Fr33minded thecypher


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